The Vignati Group invests constantly in technology, which is today’s strongpoint for meeting customer needs with speed, flexibility, know-how and quality, all of which translates into invariably cutting-edge machinery:

  • High-speed 5-axis machining centres for the production of moulds and dies
  • Latest-generation injection presses with built-in cores from prestigious names like Nestal for technologically extreme applications
  • Integrated closed-circuit die-casting cells to assure lasting repeatability and quality
  • Ongoing employee training
  • Collaboration with research laboratories
  • Latest-generation design and simulation software

Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 development allows an interconnection of the activities in the manufacturing process: through the connection of the moulding presses via the internet, we can collect all data and information about product traceability based on the handling of raw material and its transformation, the automatic collection of data, the production planning in real time.

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