Die and mould manufacturing

In today’s world of work, the time it takes to get from the idea to launching the resulting product onto the market is becoming shorter and shorter.

In the manufacture of moulds and dies, the speed and precision of processing are key elements in meeting this fundamental need.

Prompted by this realization, the Vignati Group produces moulds and dies using sophisticated CAM systems (applied to machining and sink and wire EDM centres from the most prestigious names on the market) and carries out hardening and tempering treatments on steel, whilst it can also make equipment to produce large- and/or medium-sized series, differing in reliability in terms of repeatability of compliance with required tolerances.

Specific, in-depth know-how, acquired by the company over a period of forty years, currently translates into a good sixty-plus projects a year. For each, every single item of equipment is fine-tuned and “adjusted” within tolerances measured in hundredths and, where necessary, specific initial sampling procedures are adopted, consisting in 3D measurements for every single distance.

erosione a filo e tufo
costruzione stampi iniezione plastica

Know-how and products