Research, development and design

For the Vignati Group, standing out in the technical item niche market means “offering customers a service, and not just a product”.

The Vignati Group draws on its lengthy experience to minimize technical uncertainties. Where requested, it adopts a participatory approach: working closely with the customer right from the product engineering stage or developing efficient and economically more advantageous solutions with them (which may involve recommending the use of a polymer rather than a copolymer, for instance, depending on the specific needs and stress the part is due to be subjected to); coming up with alternative work cycles; right through to the actual design of the moulds and dies.

We exploit the skills of specialized technical laboratories to help us choose raw materials.

To help us handle numerous projects with the attention each deserves – all of which are conceived based on the strictest technical standards – we rely on sophisticated information systems for flow analysis, and CAD-CAM systems providing the utmost reliability in the design of the countless nuances that make all the difference in a quality product.

Know-how and products