Technical thermoplastic items


For the Vignati Group, moulding precision technical items implies continuously updating the technopolymer moulding features to meet new performance requirements, performing research and maintaining the tightest tolerances measured in hundredths in the production of large series.

By creating a cleanroom department at the Assago facility (class 100.000) and employing control systems to check airtightness and pressure, the company provides an exhaustive response to the most exacting customers, such as those in the medical field, hydrotechnology etc..

60 cutting-edge injection presses equipped with manipulators and robots, including 3-axis models, all featuring the latest thermoregulators and hot injection control units. With a clamping force between 16 and 1000 tonnes, they give even the more demanding customers an extensive range of work options, assuring top-quality certified products even when dealing with polymers known for their moulding difficulties, such as PPA, PEI, PPS, POM (Ryton, Grivory, Derlyn, Noryl,…)


A great deal of attention is placed not only on technical items but on aesthetic items, too. In this case, surface quality must be homogeneous and entirely defect free. They are components with multiple inserts that must be assembled both during moulding and at later stages without affecting appearance.

Know-how and products